Balance Moisturizer


Naturally restores balance in oily skin

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This scientifically advanced, nutrient rich, antioxidant cream stays true to its natural roots. Green tea and bitter orange help balance the skin.

  • Supports natural renewal of skin
  • Stimulating and warming
  • Restores and maintains balance in skin
  • Rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants

Ingredients: Structured energized water; Polysaccharide-Peptide composite; Glycerin (veg.); Squalane (Olive-derived); Fractionated Coconut oil; Vitamin C ester; Aspen bark extract; Hazelnut oil; Carbohydrate complex; Vegetable wax; NaPCA, Glutamic Acid, Trimethylglycine, Glycine, Alanine, Proline, Serine and Threonine; Sunflower seed extract; Microalgae extract; Hydrogenated Lecithin; Vitamin E Tocopherol; Xanthan gum; Sodium Hyaluronate; Bergamot EO; Orange peel extract; Lemon Tea Tree EO; Green tea extract; Spikenard EO; Arjun extract; Alpha Lipoic Acid; D-Panthenol; Aloe Barbadensis; Orris root extract; CO2 extract of Rosehips; Life Everlasting extract; Patchouli EO (leaf); Sarsaparilla extract; Rosemary extract; Wheat germ extract; Ginger extract; Gotu Kola extract; Rice protein extract; Basil extract; CoQ10 extract; Witch Hazel bark extract; Amla extract; Fulvic minerals; Ashwagandha extract; Neem extract; Witch Hazel leaf extract; Chamae Rose extract; Rose extract


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